Combining technology, design, quality and comfort, each iHUMAN creation offers features that meet a specific need. In short, these are glasses that fit your lifestyle: Adaptable Eyewear.

 At the heart of the outstanding qualities of the OffLimit series, Cordan® technology, developed and patented by iHUMAN. The combination of a FlexiSolid® body and stainless steel core makes for a highly flexible yet resistant frame that can withstand the toughest impacts and take all sorts of bending and twisting. Moreover, as this material does not have any mechanical parts, it allows the design of particularly slim temples and hinges, eliminating the problems caused by wear and repetitive movements .Although the word ‘strong’ is usually associated with notions of ‘sturdy’ and ‘heavy’, the OffLimit series offers unsurpassed lightness. A study into the position of the frame’s centre of gravity allowed iHUMAN to better distribute the weight. On the IRON version, the temples are placed on a more central axis than usual. The glasses offer such a feeling of unexpected comfort and lightness that you will hardly notice you are wearing them.

PocketSerie is a high-end, functional, compact and lightweight optical frame. With a case roughly the size of a smartphone, only slightly thicker, it fits easily into your pocket. The very first iHUMAN range, PocketSerie, was designed in a logic of downsizing, reducing size and bulk for greater convenience. Some 50% of spectacle wearers do not need to wear their glasses all day. If we add those who regularly swap between optical frames and sunglasses, the proportion of occasional wearers reaches 75%.For 34% of buyers, notably those who travel regularly as part of their work, minimum bulk constitutes the number 1 selection criterion. But a question remains: what do you do with your glasses when not wearing them? It was with the aim of addressing this issue that iHUMAN created PocketSerie: the solution for minimum bulk.

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