WOOD and WATSON OPTICIANS are making a difference in the fight against the 50% of sight loss cases that could be avoided each year.

Highlighting the fact that more than 100 people in the UK start to lose their sight each day, they are promoting the importance of early diagnosis. The practice has invested in the most advanced diagnostic technology. With the skill of the clinical optometrist.  early changes in the eye can be detected, long before there are any obvious symptoms: this allows for early treatment and better results. With the latest SPECTRALIS 4D high definition imaging technology, WOOD and WATSON OPTICIANS are now able to identify and monitor the smallest change, and that changes everything.

The SPECTRALIS 4D HD Eye Health Check uses a patented eye-tracking system that allows the opticians to identify those at risk of eye disease more easily. The tracking system allows the 3D scan to be placed in exactly the same place at each visit, giving a true 4D view of change over time. This helps to reveal eye disease which may not yet be noticeable by the patient or detectable with a traditional eye exam. Fast, painless and non-contact, the scan does not include any bright flashes of light or puffs of air, and takes place in seconds. Common eye diseases can impair vision and cause permanent vision loss if not caught at an early stage. The best preventative measure to protect good vision is a regular eye examination, and treatment when needed. We are dedicated to providing patients with the highest quality and most technologically advanced care.

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