Your eyesight is precious, so it’s important that you seek out professionals with only the highest standards of clinical eye care to look after it. We have a range of diagnostic tests to assess and monitor your eyehealth, which can include 4D retinal imaging ; visual field assessment,and the Thomson Xpert Acuity Chart.

The Future of Eye Examination in 3D and 4D

Digital Eye Health Scan

The Heidelberg  Spectralis  uses latest  technology  to takes detailed three-dimensional images of the back your eye so we can monitor small changes in your eyes over time,   with  no  flash photography or drops.   We  can  therefore  diagnose  eye  conditions  such  as macula disease  and  glaucoma  much more  earlier

Eye pressure check

Glaucoma IOP check

An important aspect of your eye exam is measuring the pressure of your eyes,  which  is  one  of  the  indications of  a condition called glaucoma.  This  usually  involves  an  unpleasant  sensation  of  an  air  puff  onto  the  eyes.  For  your  ease  and  comfort  we  measure this  with NO air puff  or  drops.