A whole new world

Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are a wonderful option for any situation, whether its a social or sporting occasion.

We have a range of options and solutions to help whether you are long-sighted, short-sighted, have astigmatism,  and  for  those  more  mature starting to struggle with your near vision. 


Be Amazed

If you have never worn contact lenses before, it may seem a little scary. However please be reassured; contact lenses are now designed to be comfortable even when worn for the first time.  We will also guide you on best practice on how to use contact lenses, so you will get the best experience possible wearing them.


Are Contact Lenses Painful?

No, modern soft contact lenses are now designed to be super comfortable even for first time wearers. That why we only fit and recommend lens materials of the highest quality that have high wettabillity (hydrophilic) and high oxygen permeability . 


Dry Eyes

Dry  eyes  can  have  an  impact  in  making  lenses  feel  uncomfortable,  especially if  the  contact  lenses  are  made   with  inferior  materials.  However  we  will  advise  you  on  how  to  improve  the  condition  of  your  dry  eyes,  and  also  we  will  fit  you  with  contact  lenses  that  have  the  latest  technological  materials  that  will  maintain hydration,  and  therefore  more  be  so  much  more  comfortable  on  the  eyes.

Mi Sight Contact lenses

Myopia Management

Introducing the world's first soft contact lens proven to significantly slow the progression of myopia in children, lowering the risk of myopia-related conditions later in life.  If you have any children under 16 please contact us for more information  as  we  now  provide this  service.